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‘Hamilton’ surpasses description with a revolutionary history

You seriously haven’t lived until you’ve heard a cabinet meeting in rap battle form.

By Molly Jo Rose |
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At a White House poetry jam event in 2009, Lin-Manuel Miranda took the stage in front of Michelle and Barack and briefly introduced his then current project.

A little guide to thoughtful prayer

Take steps toward a more prayerful life by immersing yourself in Teresa of Avila's words.

By A. Regina Schulte |
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The St. Teresa of Avila Prayer Book
By Vinita Hampton Wright (Paraclete Press, 2015)

Teresa of Avila was a 16th century Carmelite nun, mystic, and reformer of convent life. Today she is a canonized saint and doctor of the church. She regularly experienced visions and ecstasies. But do her teachings have anything to offer those of us whose spirituality is in the realm of the more ordinary?

‘Spotlight’ speaks truth to power

‘Spotlight’ is more about a blunder of journalistic responsibility than scandal.

By Danny Duncan Collum |
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“If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to abuse one.” In the movie Spotlight, those words, spoken almost in passing by a victims’ attorney, Mitchell Garabedian (played by Stanley Tucci), come to carry the main moral weight of the film. 
Spotlight depicts the 2002 Boston Globe investigation of sex abuse by priests that eventually led to the removal of Cardinal Bernard Law and initiated a long overdue age of reckoning for the church at large.

‘Song of a Christian Sufi’ and the many paths to God

The greatest gift of ‘Song of a Christian Sufi’ is the way it weaves together the commonalities of the two faith traditions.

By Jessie Bazan |
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Song of a Christian Sufi
By Marietta Bahri Della Penna (Anamchara Books, 2014)

What if you could change the past? ‘11/22/63’ and human limits

In Stephen King's new show, '11/22/63,' he warns of the consequences when humans step into territory beyond our ability to understand.

By Jonathan Ryan |
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(Possible spoilers ahead.)

We are convinced that we could make our present better if we just had a time machine in which to go back and change our past. Whether it’s that agonizing moment we stumbled over our words while talking to our high school crush or the nagging feeling we chose the wrong major in college, we all have moments that make us want to scream “do over.”

The question is, would everything really change for the better, or are we deluding ourselves?

Joanna Newsom's love for the world

Newsom's latest album is more refined and less precious than previous releases.

By Molly Jo Rose |
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Joanna Newsom (Drag City, 2015)

Where does scripture come from?

At what point did the oral traditions of Israel move from fluid history to immutable sacred text?

By Alice Camille |
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How the Bible Became Holy
By Michael L. Satlow (Yale University Press, 2014)

Recovering the Catholic voice of poet Dunstan Thompson

In his collection of poems, 'Here at Last is Love,' Dustan Thompson provides a testament to how the paradox of faith is not far from the mystery of love.

By Nick Ripatrazone |
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Here at Last is Love: Selected Poems by Dunstan Thompson. Edited by Gregory Wolfe (Slant Books, 2015)

‘Pale Horses’: Eleven tracks of insanity with a religious twist

mewithoutYou’s newest album is brass and bizarre—and biblical.

By Jessie Bazan |
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Pale Horses
mewithoutyou (Run for Cover Records, 2015)

mewithoutYou’s newest album is brass and bizarre—and biblical.